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Acrylic pins

Your designs come to life with our acrylic standees. Printed on 3mm methacrylate on one or both sides and mounted on a 5mm methacrylate base.

Combine several uprights in a single standee to create original and unique designs.

Acrylic standees

How to order your standees

  1. Prepare your files There’s a small guide on the bottom that you can follow.
  2. Contact us to get a custom quotation. Once you give us your confirmation we’ll start working on it
  3. You’ll get an e-mail with a preview from your files This can take up to 24-48h from the files reception. On this step, we’ll make any necessary adjustments for your OK.
  4. Once files are confirmed, we’ll let you know how you can pay. Production starts once your payment is cleared.

Contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to help.


Select the tab for the maximum upright size to see the different pricing options. The prices and quantities in the table are indicative, we accept orders of any number of standees.

Prepare your files

Download our templates for acrylic standees here

How to prepare your files

Download our template. You will find two groups: “standee” and “base”.

Paste your base artwork (if printed) onto the base artwork layer within the base group. Printed bases have an extra cost depending on their size, ask us about them when contacting for a quote!

Paste your upright artwork onto the standee artwork layer within the standee group. You can double the standee group for each upright.

To locate the area where the upright are attached to the base, drag the “hole”layer to the area of the base where the hole goes and the “tab” layer to the area of the upright where the hook goes. Duplicate both layers in case there is more than one upright.

White cape (optional)– In our standees you can choose to have sectorized white. Areas with no white will look translucent By default, we apply a white layer under your designs so the colour look bright and solid. If you want transparency effects, you should keep a solid colour layer under the solid colour areas. If your files don’t have a spot white layer, we’ll create one

Cutline (optional) – By default, we’ll create a cutline 2mm away from the design. You can mark us how you want the cut of your acrylic standees to be if you want it in a specific way, either in the image or directly in the vector line, both for the base and for the uprights.

Remember to save the file as layered .psd or .pdf.

Ask for a quote

Let us know:

  • number of standees
  • Size
  • Single or double sided
  • Number of designs
  • number of uprights per standee

We’ll send you a quotation in less than 24h.